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IPL Cricket Betting Issues

The best way to bet IPL matches For Fans in India: bet365  

bet365 is one of the most trusted sports betting sites in the world, regulated & headquartered in the UK.  They offer cutting edge online, mobile and in-play betting platforms with top-level customer service and an early cash-out feature to settle bets before a match is complete.  Their IPL odds are published early and are very competitive.   Review>>

The Indian Premier League has taken the cricket world by storm.  In just a few years, the IPL has become one of the most important sporting leagues in the World.  Leaving money aside, a good way to measure popularity is the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ that a given sporting league has received.  At last count, the IPL had over 12 million likes, which is the same number as America’s NFL and far more than Major League Baseball and National Hockey League.  Both of which have existed for over 100 years respectively.  Only the NBA and English Premier League have more Likes, but those are probably the two top leagues of the World’s two most popular sports.  

This just shows how far and how fast both cricket and the Indian Premier League have come.  With this rise, and the rise in the economic power of people in India, more and more Indians are looking to partake in betting on their favourite sports in the fashion of those in the UK, continental Europe, Canada, Australia and other developed countries.  Most of those markets are interested in betting on their own favourite sports and plenty of consumer research has gone into identifying the best betting services for those markets.  It is now time for Indians to be the beneficiary of this kind of consumer research so you can easily understand the best services and which ones offer great IPL betting odds.

Bet-IPL.in not only identifies the best IPL betting site for you as an Indian, it introduces the most important points and concepts that surround all the issues of cricket betting for beginners all the way up to experienced bettors looking to start betting online.  These issues surround Indian Rupee betting accounts, all the ways to bet on the IPL, how you will be able to move your money to and from your betting account (how to bank), the local Indian laws regarding gambling and more.  This site aims to give you the information you need to make an educated decision about where you might begin to bet online on the Indian Premier League.

The Rise of Twenty20, also known as T20 Cricket

A typical Twenty20 game is completed in about three hours, with each innings lasting approximately 75 to 90 minutes plus a 10–20-minute intermission.  This is much shorter than previously-existing forms of the cricket, and more closely relates to the timespan of other major team sports.  It was introduced to create a fast-paced form of the game which would be attractive to spectators at the ground and viewers on television. The English Cricket Board did not intend that Twenty20 would replace other forms of cricket like the 40 to 50 over one-day and multi-day first class formats, and these have continued alongside it.

Since its inception, the Twenty20 has been extremely successful, encouraging its spread around the cricket world. On most international tours there is at least one Twenty20 match and all Test-playing nations have a domestic cup competition. The first ICC World Twenty20 was played in South Africa in 2007 here India won over Pakistan by five runs, further strengthening possibly the most heated rivalry in World sports.

Currently there are 15 domestic Twenty20 club competitions run in the top cricket nations today.  The Indian Premier League is the the richest and most prestigious of these competitions, and arguably also the most important one.

Early Odds for Winning the 2017 Indian Premier League Outright

These will change, but the early odds are as follows as we get ready for the new season on the heels of an amazing 2015 ICC World Cup Tournament.  To read about all the ways bet365 and other top sites allow you to wager on the IPL simply read about the different ways to bet on the Indian Premier League.

The State of Betting in India

Gambling and betting in India is a controversial subject.  The federal government has established within the Indian Constitution that individual States have the authority to make laws with respect to gambling and betting. Each state is responsible to tax gambling and sports betting events or activities.

While the laws of each state are different with regard to which types of betting or gambling are allowed, the general belief is that the laws only apply to gambling activities that occur physically in public such as a legal race course or illegal betting houses and clubs. It is believed that these laws have no authority with regard to what Indians decide to do within the privacy of their own home and any such laws are almost impossible to enforce.

As such, online sports betting has been met with little resistance from Indian authorities.  Read more about Indian betting laws.  


Why is only one company listed?

This is a great question, and I’m sure you’re asking yourself why only bet365 has been listed as the best IPL betting site for Indians.  

I’ve researched over 30 of the world’s top sports betting services and how they approach every major market in the world.  I can tell you that every site caters to a mix of different markets and no online sportsbook service is the same in this regard.

Many services simply choose not to register people from certain countries.  Some services will register people from many countries, but only offer betting accounts in a limited number of currencies.  In the case of the latter, people that cannot deposit, wager and withdraw in their native currency are essentially being punished or at the very least being implicitly told that their business is not as important as the people that are able to play using their own currency.

This is how most sportsbooks treat the market of India.  Some don’t register Indians at all.  Most will register you as a player, but do not offer Rupee accounts.

bet365 is the only well-established, reputable service that both registers Indian players AND offers direct Indian Rupee betting accounts so you save money on fees by not having to exchange your hard-earned money into another currency.

Luckily enough, bet365 is also a premier cricket betting option with so many positive points.  So read the bet365 IPL betting review to learn all about them.

If for some reason, you don’t want to bet with bet365 and are looking for other top options to bet on the IPL, I would consider these to be your next best options, but remember, while they will register Indian players, they don’t offer INR accounts, so you’ll need to bet in the Euro, USD, Pound or other currency.  These are still excellent IPL betting options that I would recommend if it were not for the currency issue, but you may have other base currency funding sources that eliminate this as an issue.

Chennai Superkings - 4.00

Mumbai Indians - 6.00

Kings XI Punjab - 7.00

Rajasthan Royals - 9.00

Royal Challengers Bangalore - 5.50

Kokata Knight Riders - 6.50

Sunrisers Hyderabad - 9.00

Delhi Daredevils - 15.00

As these odds are in Decimal format, for your potential payout, simply multiply your odds by your desired stake amount in rupees or any other currency you wish to use.

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